A National Poetry Month Creative Extravaganza (featuring improvisational spoken word, meditative free jazz and live painters) at Still Cellars at 1115 Colorado Ave.

in Longmont, CO 80501

(720) 204-6064

Suggested donation of $10.

The Astral Project

(Check out our live video from the Sonic Bloom Festival.)

Wayne Gilbert (2018 winner of Colorado's Governor’s Creative Leadership Award) will be jamming his improvisational, Sufi jazz poetry along to the loving vibrational flow of The Astral Project. To complete the bill, three of the Left Hand Artist Group's finest live painters, Vincent BurkardtSalowa Skiredj-Salzer, and Kamla Presswalla will be creating their own amazing works of art while riding the currents of musical word love.

Here's one of the pieces from my set as a featured poet at the 3rd Annual Karen Chamberlain Poetry Festival on March 30th, 2013. I want to thank all my friends at the Bouldering Poets, Slam Nuba and Freedom of Speech poetry readings for all their support and inspiring me to write and perform this piece. I am talking to you. This is what my good friend, the master jazz Sufi poet, Wayne Gilbert, had to say about this poem when I sent it to him: Omigod old man i wanna be in the audience when you preach this sermon. i love the "half" stretch esp. wanted to shout "amen" holler "you tell it brothuh" collapse in the aisle speaking in affirmative tongues. i feel your words your chant rant pour out of my own body my own heart mind desire. you tapped a root in this one! i wanna be there when you shake it down at some open mic tell 'em all how it is!

Read Robert King's interview with me about my chapbook, Leaning Toward Whole, as published in the Colorado Poets' E-Words Issue #17 (Winter 2012).

Leaning Toward Whole Front Cover

Announcing the release of M. D. Friedman's fifth poetry book, Leaning Toward Whole, from Liquid Light Press. Both print and e-book editions are available through the publisher at Leaning Toward Whole is also available in a special *enhanced multimedia EPUB edition (EPUB formatted e-book editions are for iPads & iPhones ) in the iTune's Book Store for iBook Reader software only.

Please watch the following video for a sample of the work:

Welcome to M. D. Friedman's Poetry Page Where You May:

Listen to some of my most out there audio:

Listen or download free recordings of my experimental audio poetry:

  • My work has appeared in numerous small press publications and online magazines including the Improv Magazine, Hiss Quarterly , Wired Art from Wired Hearts, Kookamonga Square, Job's Turkey, Arcade, The Green Horse and The Dry Creek Review.
  • Contact M. D. Friedman to do readings or workshops.

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Older Poetry Books by M. D. Friedman

"Where We Reach is passionate, well-crafted, and deeply insightful poetry. [ M. D.'s] control of sound and language is excellent. a particularly unique, very powerful voice and set of insights as well: [His] understanding of the cross-connection of the arts, and ability to read artists of other genres, is both extraordinary and very, very moving." -- Jared Smith

Click on the book cover to view a full free pdf preview version of each book.

Click to preview Body of the Mind

The Body of the Mind

(an "interlocking medley" of twenty of his "most purposeful poems")

Also available as a "Print & Listen" e-book.

Click to buy.

Click to preview From Here to Here

From Here to Here

(an “involuntary exploration of the polarity of love and loneliness”)

Only available as a "Print & Listen" e-book.

Click to preview Nothing Else Matters

Nothing Else Matters

(runs the gauntlet from the comic to the tragic, from the political to the sublime)

Only available as a "Print & Listen" e-book.

Click to preview Where We Reach

Where We Reach

Click to buy.

(with brutal honesty and sometimes acrid humor, M. D. soars and stumbles from confusion to love)

Also available as a printable e-book

Click to buy.

You can also order from Amazon, Kindle or Smashwords.

Digital Poetry by M. D. Friedman,  A New Genre of Poetics

Click to view

  • The Word" (2007) is the first digital poem  I ever created.   It's the dada fusion of all my creative pursuits at once.  It represents a new genre of poetics, fusing my experimental sound art, digital art, photography and animation with original spoken word poetry. This piece deals in a humorous way with the difficulty of expressing transformational experience in written language.

Click to view Know Where to Go Crazy

Now on I-Tunes!

  • Original poetry, sound art, visual art, photography, and animation by M. D. Friedman highlight this ground breaking video short. This work showcases a growing mastery of M. D.'s combined talents to produce experimental, experiential, electronic literature fusing several multimedia elements into a new genre of poetics. Featuring state of the art 3D animation, "Know Where to Go Crazy" (2009) is a two voice poem with the second voice heard animated into the viewer's head.

Click to View

  • "Forever Trespass” (2007) is a digital poem exploring the question, "Does the poem own the poet or the poet own poem?" The sound art for this piece was constructed from the 2D (2 directional) poem, "Forever Trespass". The "normal" voice is reading the poem vertically (down the columns) and the "harmonized" voice is reading the same poem horizontally (across the rows). The video was made by animating my photographs and digital art and integrating it with the original sound art.

Click to view
  • "The Kill" was M. D. Friedman's first 2D (2 directional) poem composed in the Spring of 2007.  M. D. Friedman is reading the poem vertically (down the columns) & Mariamne Engle Friedman is reading the same poem horizontally (across the rows).  A live performance of this poem was recorded in April of 2008.  It was then enhanced with original sound art, animation, and visual art to produce this experimental poetry video in the Fall of 2010.

Click to view the video.

Never Ask a Poet Directions is a digital poem (video) that resulted from a collaboration between M. D. Friedman and SUB(liminal) Space Research Group. The poetry, sound art and video were created by M. D. Friedman. The choreography was created by SUB(liminal) Space Research Group and performed by dancers, Caitlin M. Gill and Kim Cunningham in conjunction with Boulder Fringe Festival's 2011 Poetry in Motion Project. Caitlin M. Gill's and Kim Cunningham's performance of their artistic response to M. D. Friedman's "Never Ask a Poet Directions" poem was videotaped August 13, 2011 by M. D. Friedman as part of the Poetry in Motion Project event. The video was edited and original sound art for the piece was created by M. D. Friedman in December of 2010 and January of 2012. The text only version of "Never Ask a Poet Directions" was first published by Liquid Light Press as part of M. D. Friedman's Leaning Toward Whole chapbook released in June of 2011.

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